CIMA C01 Past Papers

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How to Pass Cima C01 Exam?

For getting any certification or degree, an individual needs to pass the exam after which he/she is selected by a reputed company as an employee. CIMA CERTIFICATIONS exams are really tuff specially CIMA Business Accounting Cima C01 exam. The Cima C01 dumps are available on and it can be accessed by every candidate of… Read More »

Cima C01 May 2013 Past Papers

Question No 1: The term “budget slack” refers to the? A. Extended lead time between the preparation of the functional budgets and the master budget. B. Difference between the budgeted output and the breakeven output. C. Additional capacity available which can be budgeted for. D. Deliberate over-estimation of costs and under-estimation of revenues in a… Read More »

Cima C01 2013 Past Papers

Question No 1: Which of the following words DOES NOT describe a main focus of management accounting? A. Planning B. Control C. External D. Decision-making Answer: C Question No 2: CIMA defines management accounting as: “The application of the principles of accounting and financial management to create, protect, preserve and increase value for the _________________… Read More »

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